Online Wikipedia Training

As Wikimedia Ghana User Group has cancelled all offline activities due to the COVID-19 spread, we are bringing our Wikipedia workshops online.

There are two levels of workshops available – Wikipedia 101e for beginners making their first edits; and 201e for editors beyond first edits.

Wikipedia 101e is the beginners’ class.

This training aims to introduce you to Wikipedia and help you make your first edits.

  • Topics

    What is Wikipedia? Who is a Wikipedian?
    Anatomy of a Wikipedia page from the user’s end and from the editor’s end
    How to create a new Wikipedia article
    How to edit an existing article
    Adding text and formatting
    Adding images and other media
    Quick Wikipedia editing rules

Wikipedia 201e goes beyond the first few edits.

Lessons will focus on specific topics.

  • Topics

    Finding topics on Wikipedia to edit
    Adding references
    Understanding Notability of Wikipedia topics
    Avoiding Conflict of Interest
    Understanding Neutrality
    Linking! (Red Links and Blue Links, Interwiki links and External Links)
    Basic templates