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About Wikimedia Ghana

Before we talk Wikipedia, here’s a bit about us.

We are Wikimedia Ghana User Group, an affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation, the parent organisation of Wikipedia.

Our mission is to promote Wikipedia and its sister wikis in Ghana and for 7 years, we have been recruiting, training and engaging Wikipedians.

Fun fact: We pioneered Wikipedia community building in Ghana, West Africa and most parts of Sub Saharan Africa; and we work to give every Ghanaian online a chance to discover Wikipedia and teach you how to use it and/or edit it.

Getting started with Wikipedia

Besides using Wikipedia for research, you can also edit it, and that’s why you are here.

Step 1

Set up a Wikipedia account. (Please use a functional email)

Step 2

Fill a form so we can determine how to help you.

Interested in learning to edit Wikipedia? Please fill this form.

Have you already learnt to edit Wikipedia and would want to partner with us to do a workshop (online or offline) in your school or community? Let us know.

Step 3

Join our mailing list to learn more.

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Check some community blog posts

Making a case for a Wikimedia bigger than Wikipedia

OPINION by Sandister TeiThis post reflects the author’s personal opinion and not that of the Wikimedia Ghana User Group. As far back as March 2019, the Wikimedia brand team contacted Wikimedia Ghana User Group to get our thoughts on the ‘global perceptions of Wikimedia brands‘ and ‘how our Movement’s brand system could be refined‘.  I… Read More

Introducing the Free Knowledge Free Data project

Data scholarships by Wikimedia Ghana User Group for Wikipedia editors Recently, as part of our Ghana Edits Wikipedia (#GhanaEditsWikipedia) activities, we have held offline workshops and edit-a-thons to improve the content on Wikimedia wikis and also train and engage editors. For these events, we have provided travel support (T&T), refreshment and free Wi-Fi for participating… Read More

When students become teachers

Putting the spotlight on a Wikipedia Education Program tutor who was once its student. Meet Ismael Andani Abdulai, a part-time lecturer at Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) in Accra. Ismael did his master’s in law, at the University of California, Berkeley. At Berkeley, he took part in a Wikipedia Education Program (WEP).… Read More